Analytical Studies Offered



  • Generation Interconnection Application Development (CAISO, Utility, WDAT);
  • Power Flow and Transient Stability Model Development for Power Plants, Renewable Facilities & Energy Storage Facilities;
  • Assistance Throughout the Generation Interconnection Process (GIP);
  • Support Throughout the CAISO New Resource Interconnection Process; 
  • Power Flow Studies for Interconnection Site Selection; and
  • Staff Augmentation. 

Transmission & Distribution


  • WECC Project Rating Review Process Studies to Establish WECC Paths & Ratings;
  • Transmission Interconnection Feasibility and System Impact Studies;
  • Under-Voltage or Under-Frequency Load Shedding System Assessments;
  • Voltage Stability and Reactive Resource Adequacy Assessments (PV/QV);
  • Outage procedure development;
  • Development of Area Operating Procedures;
  • Generator Loss Factor Economic Analysis;
  • Studies for Select NERC™ Standards; 
  • Generation Interconnection Feasibility and System Impact Studies; and
  • Staff Augmentation.

Software & Analytical Techniques


  • Modelling Software Employed for Studies Includes General Electric's (GE) Positive Sequence Load Flow (PSLF) Software and PowerWorld's Simulator Software;
  • Power System Simulations Techniques Employed include Power Flow, Transient Stability, Voltage Stability, Optimal Power Flow, and Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow; and
  • Software Development Utilizing GE PSLF Engineering Programming Code Language (EPCL).